Report Customization

In an already institutionalized organizational process, there is a standard MIS or even documents whose use has already been consolidated. Any change to the current model can result in an extra effort for users, and this is not exactly what is expected in the implementation of a new system. However great the degree of software maturity, it is perfectly normal for specific and particular needs to arise in the business process of any customer. In these cases, we offer the Report Customization service offering.

Using report customization resources from the system itself and tools from various platforms such as the Jasper Reports platform, we provide the customer with a rich variety of options for presenting their data in a format suitable for their needs. Some of the critical needs include reporting to meet regulatory requirements, internal and external audit requirements as well as providing data through dashboards for senior management usage.

Customer Benefits

Full alignment of the way the data needs to be presented, to the customer’s business processes.

Guarantee of optimized performance.

Reports developed by experts with knowledge of the application.

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