Our Products

BBSSL through its journey of working with its various customers has identified areas where clients need small affordable solutions or products, to meet their day to day business needs.

Below is a list of such products and solution offerings:

bArch – Data Archival and Retrieval Solution

bArch is a data growth and data protection Solution from BBSSL. bArch provides a proven and easily implementablesolution for data archival and retrieval for sunset applications or for online applications where growth of historical data has become a bottleneck for performance, and has started impacting and increasing the cost of the hardware infrastructure. bArch offers a simple and easy to use UI for inquiry and reporting.

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bAudit is a solutionwhich meets the audit department’s requirements of banks through generation of required Audit Reports. bAudit can be deployed as an independent tool or as a customisation on top of the core banking software in use. Currently there are more than 50 reports available out of the box and many more can be added at ease, to meet the growing needs of the internal audit and inspection departmentsof the bank and those of regulators like theCentral Bank.

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bRecon–Universal Reconciliation System

bRecon which started off as an accounts reconciliation solution, has now evolved to become a universal reconciliation system for clients. It can meet the reconciliation requirements of banks or any telecom operator or any payment system organisation,and it helps to meet the organisations reconciliation requirements.

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bTransfer – File Transfer Utility

bTransfer is a universal File Transfer utility,which has beendeveloped using Java Technology and it uses FTP services to port the data from multiple sources to the designated directories in the target system.

bIms – Centralised Institution Management Solution

bIms is a centralized Institution Management Software Solution which can work as a stand-alone product for a single institution or can integrate multiple institutions under a single management to provide a centralized control and management framework.

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bInfra-CRM – Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate

bInfra-CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software which helps to manage the complete workflow of a real estate and construction company. From document submissions to Agreement signing, payment schedule generation, demand generations to payment collection, it handles all of this and also offers a 360o view of the customer.

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bCDM – Cash Denomination and Management Solution

bCDMis a Cash Denomination and CashManagement module designed to meet the Cash Denomination Management requirements of banks. Most of the core banking products in the market do not support complete cash denomination functionalities. bCDM is a modular cash denomination module which can sit on top of the core banking product and integrate with all menu options where cash is received or disbursed.

bMinERP – ERP for Small and Micro Enterprises

Every small organisation needs an ERP systems that is affordable. BBSSL,in an endeavour to support this ecosystem of small and microenterprises who cannot purchase or operate an established and high-end ERP system, has developed an ERP which will meet and automate most of the critical requirements of these enterprises.

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bFMS – Fixed Assets Management Solution

Banks and organisations are expected to manage their fixed assets and maintain the accounting policies related to depreciation and other reporting requirements. BBSSL’s fixed asset management solution can either be an integrated customisation on top of a bank’s core banking solution, or it can be implemented as a stand-alone solution.As such the current framework allows for the solution to be entirely customised to meet the bank specific requirements.

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bXenonHMS – Hospital Management Solution

bXenonHMSis a solution which has been developed to meet the Administration and Operational Management requirements of a Hospital. The features available as part of the standard product areUser Access Control & Tools, Patient Registration and medical module, Patient Management – Out-Patient&In-Patient Management,Departments- Pharmacy, Billing, Nursing and Ward management, EMR – Electronic Medical Records, Services Modules, Laboratory, Imaging & Radiology, Blood Bank, Finance & Accounting, HR & Administration, Materials Management. The solution can be implemented easily and has a user friendly UI.

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bScore – Credit Score Card Solution

bScoreis a product which is for use by banks and financial institutions and is astatistical means of providing a quantifiable risk factor for a given Customer or Loan Applicant. Credit Scoring is a process whereby information of the customer is converted into numbers that are added together to arrive at a Credit score. The Score Card is an additional scientific tool, which will facilitate better and faster decisions for the senior management and lead to quicker decision TAT’s (Turn Around Times). The objective is to primarily reduce the subjectivity in the Credit Decision making process, and also the risk involved in the same and to overall have a process of scientific assessment of Risk.

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bSDL – Safe Deposit Locker

Banks provide Safe Deposit Locker facility to customers, at a large number of their branches for the safe keep of valuables and documents. There is a nominal annual rent charged, which depends on the size of the locker and the location at which the branch is located. This is one of the critical and must have service offerings of a bank.But most of the Core Banking Applications do not provide complete functionality to manage safe deposit lockers as part of the product. We identified this as a gap in the Core Banking product and thereby developedbSDL as a plug-in solution, which can be either implemented as a stand-alone product or plugged in as a custom component on top of the banks core banking product.

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bLMS – Library Management Solution

bLMS is aLibrary Management Solution from BBSSL. It is a centralised application which can integrate many libraries in one single database. Books and periodicals are the lifeline of our knowledge management programme whether it is a small school or a large institution. In many a situation the organisations are not able to effort a high-end system and to maintain the same. bLMSis easy to implement and manage, can be hosted on the cloud and used in a managed services model.

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bPBFF – Planning Budgeting and Forecasting Facility

Every bank needs to have a “Top to Down Process” starting with a Corporate Business Plan formulated by the Corporate Office at the beginning of each Financial Year. Our solution bPBFF, for Budget and Forecasting Facility / Solution covers all areas under Liabilities and Assets of the Bank.

Major areas that are covered are- Deposits, Credit, Priority sector lending, Recovery of NPA, non-banking activities like Bank assurance, Mutual Fund products, Income and Expenditure, Profit, Efficiency and Performance Ratio analysis etc. Based on the historical trend growth, targets are fixed under major business parameters which are further allocated Region wise. Regions in turn allocate growth targets under various parameters to each branch under their control.

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bACP- Account Creation Process

bACP,is a product from BBSSL developed for banks to simply their account creation process.It is aimed to provide a single, comprehensive and consolidated solution covering all the activities relating to the Account Opening. The solution integrates with Core Banking Solutions, E-Mail, SMS, Alert Message, Document Management, Signature Capturing Cheque Book Issue, ATM Debit Card Issue and Internet Bank Services.

The solution captures the requirements for all these sub-systems along with the account creation and initiates the service requests to the respective systems. It supports on-boarding of customer at bank/branch counters, on-line account opening through internet and mobile. Dash Boards provides statistics and turnaround times for all account creation steps. Customizable and well-defined work flow options are available for defining the approval process. Alert Management System is in-built for real time communication on the account creation process between the stake holders. Customers can track their application status online through internet as well as their mobile application.

bKiosk - Customer Self-Service Terminal

Customer Self-Service Terminal (BKIOSK) is a touch screen customer self-service terminal, interfacing with the bank’s Core Banking Solutions. Customer can inquire their account, transactions and operations without depending upon the Bank Staff. APIs are available in the application for all types of customer inquiries. Customer identity is validated through their mobile number and OTP. Customer can also lodge their service requests for Cheque Book, Stop Payment, Hot Listing the Credit and Debit Cards. Frame work is available for adding any other type of customer request.

Required interface with bank’s Core Banking Solution will be built as part of the implementation. Customer can also enter the cash deposit and cash withdrawal details. System should provide reference number for cash transactions. With this reference number, teller can retrieve the transactions in the Core Banking Application and complete the transactions. It reduces the time and data key-in efforts for the bank staff. Required interfaces will be built as part of the solution implementation.

bLOS - Loan Origination System

bLOS is a Single Point Loan Origination System for Loan Accounts and addresses the pre-sanction loan process. It supports both retail and corporate loan appraisal process. It integrates with CBS (Core Banking Solution), E-Mail, SMS, Alert Message Systems, Document Management, Collaterals, Inspection, Follow-Up, Recovery and Internet Banking / Mobile Applications. Credit Scoring, Approval Work Flows, Alert Messaging and Dash Boards are all in-built in the system. Customer Loan, Collateral and Insurance inquiries are also available in the system. The solution / application supports loan reminders, notices and loan statements. It also is a single point system for all loan related activities and inquiries.

bCS- Collateral Solutions – Comprehensive solution for managing loan collaterals

Collateral Solution (bCS) addresses the various issues faced by banks in managing the loan collateral inventory and keeping an eye on it’s market value. bCS facilitates bankers to carry out their collateral inventory operations - both financial and non-financial. bCS supports the full life cycle of collaterals starting from identification, valuation, acceptance, apportioning, safe keeping, balancing, market value updating, drawing limit, insurance, inspection, follow-up, substitution, top-up, partial release, reports, schedules, notices, reminders, customer communication, document management, etc.

bXBRL – MIS and Reporting Frame Work and Solution

bXBRL is a MIS (Management Information System) and XBRL (Regulatory Reports) Frame Work / Solution for handling Management Information System as well as Regulatory Report Requirements for banks. We can integrate banks CBS – Core Banking Solution, or any other sub-system for data input to the bXBRLSystem. Data Mapping can be configured internally by the users. The report output can be defined in any format like PDF, EXCEL, CSV or XML formats. Data can be viewed and even mined for break up details before generating the reports.