Process Automation

The business processes govern the running of an organization. They represent the manner in which an organization transforms inputs into outputs, adding value to its products and services, satisfying its customers and producing results.
Process mapping enables a view beyond isolated functional activities and provides an integrated and holistic vision of these activities, transforming itself into an important management instrument.

After the process mapping service comes the task of automation and measuring of identified processes. This is often a task that requires time and resources. Despite having its importance recognized, organizations do not always have the ideal conditions for prioritizing and executing this activity. With focus on this need, we decided to offer the Process Mapping, Automation and Measuring Service. Our consultant who is specialized in process automation is responsible for transferring, to the system, all processes and their respective indicators, already previously defined by the customer but which have not yet been inserted into the system. Thus, the customer can now devote time to more value added activities for their business and leave this task of a more operational nature to us.


Our Consultant will work with the customer, conduct an analysis to verify the feasibility of automating the identified process via the Workflow process, resulting in automatic control of the flow. Process automation minimizes the transfer of tasks, thus reducing cycle times. The system not only guarantees an improvement in production but also that all process instances follow the same rules and are in accordance with the defined process model.


Further to mapping and automating, it is also important to measure and monitor the processes. Measuring is a pre-condition for the effective management of an organization’s processes. Should the customer so wish, the consultant can also conduct an analysis to identify suitable indicators for enabling monitoring and measuring of the process performance, all in an integrated manner via the performance process.

Customer Benefits

Reduction in operating costs. Customer Focus on his core business.

Rapid results.

Facilitates implementation of continuous improvement actions.

Provides broad and holistic view of the organization’s operations.

Support of an expert to offer guidance in the best practices concerning the configuration and operation of the systems involved.

Effective use of the experience and expertise of BBSSL subject matter experts

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