About us


Best of Breed Software Solutions (India) Private Limited (BBSSL) is a global Software and Services company Headquartered in Bangalore, India.

We leverage our in-depth domain and functional expertise, leading technology practices and a consultative approach to enable our consultants and employees to deliver business solutions for all our clients. Our IT services provide a wide range of solution offerings to organizations across a variety of industry segments.

As an organization, we are committed to adding value equally delighting all our stakeholders - Our Employees, Investors, Customers and also the Society.

We believe in partnering with our clients to create a transparent, value based, customer centric relationship. This partnership helps our clients to deliver high quality services, resulting in their customer satisfaction.

With a Strong Focus on Human Capital Development and Social Responsibility we are committed to add value to the Society.


BBSSL was started in 2002 by professionals who had more than 150 man years of IT experience behind them.

The founding team is led by professionals who have held very senior positions in large Multinational organizations, which have made a mark for themselves in the world of software for its value systems and integrity. BBSSLites at all times will continue to better the culture and value systems followed by all these successful organizations from where the promoters came from.

Vision - where are we heading

BBSSL will be a respected and preferred partner for delivering to expectations highly complex or critical business solutions.

Mission - the purpose of our existence

To ensure a positive transformation in our client's business.

We will do this by constantly upgrading our technology and business skills, by our exemplary adherence to our values and principles and through this we will deliver greater value to our investors.

Core Values

Responsibility - We will behave with the utmost responsibility to ensure that our actions always benefit others. We will ensure that we will always give more than what we receive.

Integrity - We will conduct ourselves honestly and with transparency at all times. We will ensure that we will succeed only through upright actions.

Team Spirit - We will place utmost value on and treat with respect our colleagues, our customers and all our stakeholders.

Excellence - We will constantly strive to reach and exceed our potential and demonstrate this in every product, project or service we deliver.